NOTE: Below are a few of our favorite short videos, organized in four graphics. Additional resources further below, including feature-length films. Other media to be added. 

Amity is Acumen
Animal Rights News - Amity is Acumen
Anita Hansen Overrun by Wolves
Alyson McPhee Reunites with Godzilla Rhino (link lost)
Shirley Joubert Kisses Wild Hippo
Casey Anderson Chillin' w/Brutus
Chito P/lays with Pocho
The Bridges House-Sit w/WildThing
Ocean Freedives w/Great White

Val Gruener Jumped by Sirga

Bird is Brainy
Animal Rights News Bird is Brainy
Cockatoo Hooks Cashew with Stick-Tool
Finch Deploys Stick-Tool to Catch Insects
Heron Dishes Bread for Bait
Alex Needn't a Hand w/Numbers
Magpie Peerless in Mirror Test
Wild Crow Flies Thru Tool Challenge

Compassion is Cognition
Animal Rights News Compassion is Cognition
Spaniel Bottle-Feeds Lamb
Orang Aids Hapless Bird
Whale Cradles Threatened Seal
Bear Saves Drowning Crow
Hippo Squad Protects Troubled Wildebeest

Hippos Assist Croc-Bit Zebra
Hippo Makes Impala's Day
Two Swans Feed Goldfish
Hippos Boost Stuck Duckling
Dog Noses O2 to Gasping Fish
Orang Babies Tiger Cub

Camaraderie is Cognizance
Animal Rights News Camaraderie is
Macaque Mothers Homeless Dog in Tamil Nadu
Chama Flaunts Convention w/U-Chan
Pretinha Piggybacks Orphaned Opposums

Ingo Modelling w/Owl Friends
Goats Hitch Ride on Rhinos
Sperm Whales Bodygaurd Crippled Dolphin
Suryia Proud of Pretty Pooch
Lammie Leaping w/Gertjie
Zen Horse Takes On Wild Baboon
Tiger, Lion, & Bear Are Apex Affectionates
Tarra Curled Up w/Bella
Lion & Tiger Have Quiet Time
Amanzi Can't Get Enuf of Lammie

Uncategorized, But Exceptional
22nd June 2020 | Bees Realize the Power of Numbers
18th March 2020 | Scene-Stealing Emotional-Support Alligator Embarrasses Big Pharma

8th November 2019 | Wild Beluga Recruit Has a Real Nose for the Ball
21st July 2019
| Monkey Teaches Human Respect
7th May 2019
| Untrained Beluga Retrieves iPhone; Crowd Delights
1st April 2019 | Octopi Are Basically Made of Brains
—Furthermore, what brainiacuses prescribed puses over pi?

1st April 2019 | Orca Mom Carries Dead Baby 1,000 Miles
13th February 2019 | Beluga Demos Meaning of Hmmf
25th February 2018 | Mortally Distraught Woman Saved by Loving Relationship w/Wall-Climbing Rat Bat, Banksi (yep)

6th July 2017 | Chimp Prof. Offers Free Class in Food Delivery
—In the 80's we were told humans were the only tool users. Now, we're the tool.
17th July 2017 | Monkey Don't See, Still Does
—Unschooled capuchin overcomes frustration, cracks tough nut w/rocky camo-cam
27th November 2016 | How to Train Your Dragon Bee
—A brain is for learning, so what's the surprise here?

13th July 2016 | Crawdads Dig Valium For Panic Attacks
—But why choose a vat-brewed chemical question-mark over a dab of natural, non-addictive CBD?
25th September 2015 | Sans Suzie, Crabs Synchronize Sensational Shell Swap by the Seashore

 10th April 2014 | Mischievous Mellivora Can't Stop Inventing Tools
—Watch instinct die in a dust cloud as houdini-badger uses magical intelligence to outwit awe-struck humans. Special Note: use of extant tools is impressive, but this irrepressible creator goes biblical when morphing formless mud into ball-ladder.

ARN analyses forthcoming; 'til then, add your own. These are all ÄRiA films, but they're often imperfect. Review with both eyes open & let readers know what's to love (and what not). Many others deserve inclusion; some, demotion.

269 (2017)
A.L.F.: The Frontline (1999)
ALF: Civil Disobedience (2007)
All My Heroes Still Wear Masks (2002)
Animal (2007)
Animal Farm (1954)
Animal Liberation (1993)
Animal Liberation 2: The Sequel (1995)
Animal People: The Humane Movement in America (2006)
Animal Rights (2001)
Behind the Mask (2006)
Blackfish (2013)
Blood on Your Hands (2009)
Britches (1986)
Call to Direct Action (1997)
Chattel (2003)
Companions to None (2007)
Death on a Factory Farm (2009)
Dominion (2018)
Earthlings (2005)
Eating Happiness (2015)
Food, Inc. (2008)
Forks Over Knives (2011)
Green Hill: Una Storia di Libertà (2013)
Hidden Crimes (1986)
I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA (2007)
Ireland's Fur Trade (2017)
Justice for Keith Mann (1996)
Land of Hope and Glory (2017)
Life of Pi (2012)
Pig Save: Bearing Witness (2012)
Live and Let Live (2013)
Lucent (2014)
Making Burros Fly (2010)
Meat the Truth (2007)
No Gravy for the Cat (1990)
Okja (2017)
Rod Coronado: A Voice for Liberation (2000)
Sabotage (2004)
Shamrock: A Primates Nightmare (1993)
Speciesism: The Movie (2013)
Testify! Eco-Defense and the Politics of Violence (2005)
The Animal People (2019)
The Animals (1981)
The Biggest Little Farm (2018)
The Game Changers (2018)
—Perhaps the best AR-themed documentary ever made, with near-zero mention of animal rights. Why? Imagine the most rabid hátars, lock the fanatics in an IMAX, and push play. Two hours hence, if ideologies were living creatures, the theater'd be a bloodbath.
The Ghosts in Our Machine

The Girl Who Loved Animals: Kitty Jones and the Fight for Animal Rights (2013)
The Lives of Animals (2015)
The SHAC Series (199-2007)
This Is Vivisection (2008)
Tyke Elephant Outlaw (2015)
Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered (2015)
Vegan: Everyday Stories (2016)
Veganville TV Series (2020)
Vegucated (2011)
We Bought a Zoo (2011)
—Boo to zoos 'til they ditch cages and convert to sanctuaries. Meantime, we can celebrate the film's ontological elevation of nonhuman life.
What the Health (2017)
Your Mommy Kills Animals! (2007)

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