29th April 2022 | New Report Reveals the Federal Government Is Spending Millions To Get Animals High
25th September 2021
| The Animal Welfare Act Claims Rats & Mice Are Not Animals
12th July 2022
| Two Animal Rights Activists Found Guilty, Face Sentencing of up to 10 Years
—For rehoming two piglets. Suddenly, sick piglets that big ag typically trashes are so valuable they're worth 20 years of human life.
4th April 2022
Ecuador Becomes First Country to Recognize Animal Legal Rights
3rd February 2021 | State Animal Protection Laws Ranked: Maine is #1, New Mexico #50
26th January 2022 | Rise in animal welfare laws? Thank Judie Mancuso.
1st January 2022 | Prosecutors Silence Evidence of Cruel Factory Farm Practices in Animal Rights Cases
7th October 2021
| Six Animal Rights Activists Were Arrested in Ontario. What Happened?
21st April 2022 | Eco-activist pleads guilty to slaughterhouse arson
7th July 2022
|FBI Terrorism Docs Show Agency Investigated Greenpeace

15th July 2020 | Ag-Gaggers Cough Up $176,300 for Choking Free Speech
9th July 2020 | ÄRiA's Summon Gov't for Chimp Abuse
20th February 2020 | NY Supreme Court Judge Declares Elephants "Intelligent, Autonomous Beings"

—The Nonhuman Rights Project failed to move a Bronx-zoo elephant from isolation-caging to a sanctuary, but won a friend to the movement. Not only was the judge "extremely sympathetic" to Happy's plight, but she considered the NRP's assessments and arguments "extremely persuasive." The judge was a woman, which shouldn't surprise.

4th February 2020 | The Dr. Death of Pets Relicensed Again
—Notorious vet, Dr. Daniel Koller, should have this history framed outside his clinics:

  • 1975: Convicted of animal abuse; received 100-day jail sentence.
  • 1979: California license revoked for patient mistreatment (mainly cats & dogs).
  • 2001: California license revoked, again, for the same.
  • 2008: Oregon license suspended.
  • 2010: Oregon license revoked.
  • 2015: Oregon license reinstated.

—Pets are property, legally speaking, so there's no recourse if a vet harms or kills your pet, aside from suing to recoup his/her purchase price. Many of us with companion animals love them more than our spouses—yet we'll be receiving up to $150-billion for a human's wrongful death vs. $100 for the other? Is a dog's suffering 1.5 billion times less important than a human's? FYI: In a recent poll, 95% of those with K9s in the house, "view their dog as part of their family."
4th February 2020 | Aggies Ax AR Censorship
— Thanks to PETA, Texas A&M will no longer censor social media critiques of their experiments on non-humans. James Cromwell showed his support; was arrested.
30th January 2020 | France Says Ciao to Chick Culling

14th January 2020 | UK Protects Ethical Vegans from Workforce Discrimination
12th December 2019 | How the Prosecution of Animal Rights Activists as Terrorists Foretold Today's Criminalization of Dissent
25th November 2019
| US Finally Felonizes Animal Cruelty, -Ish

—The PACT Act Review: Trending correctly, neutered by exceptions. (You'd think the most significant legislation passed since Civil Rights would demand more than five words, wrongly.)
25th November 2019 | New York Eradicates Foie Gras
12th October 2019 | Farewell to Fur in California
6th October 2019 | Canuck Gov't Watched Blackfish

11th September 2019 | Europe Forced to Consider Cageless Future
11th September 2019 | England the 27th Country to Ban Circus Animals

22nd July 2019 | Big Apple Bars Cat Declawing
10th January 2019 | Iowa Latest to Cast Legal Shade on Ag-Gag Laws
—A federal judge struck down an Iowa law that criminalized working at livestock farms whilst investigating animal cruelty. Wyoming, Utah, & Oregon have already lashed back against Big-Ag's attempts to stifle free speech.

13th January 2018 | Swiss Nix Boiling Lobsters Alive
12th June 2017 | The Happiest*** Country in the World Just Got Happier

—When CR's president finally signed their first federal animal welfare bill, there were parties in the street.
***You can con$ume your way to a bit more happiness, but when you adjust to per capita income, Costa Rica is the happiest, sustainable place on earth
28th October 2014 | Tx to 200 Gutsy Monks, Palitana Now the World's First Vegetarian City

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