8th August 2022 Los Angeles Welcomes Its First Vegan Food Bank to Tackle Food Insecurity
6th August 2022 Turkmen Dogcatchers Assigned To Kill 'Seven Stray Dogs A Day'

3rd June 2022 | "Fish feel pain, too": Animal Rights Group Decries Prosecution's Inaction On 2020 Fishers' Protest
28th April 2022 How This Vegan Chicken Nuggets Startup Became the First to Outprice Meat
—Kudos, for the deck's stacked against plant-based proteins. The US  gov't dishes $40 billion in direct payments, subsidies, and bailouts to the dairy & meat industry. Or is it closer to $414 billion?— as lawyer, David Simon, suggests here.
27th April 2022 | Joaquin Phoenix Acquires Film Rights to 'Free the Animals'
26th April 2022 
Vegan Activist Tries to Glue Herself to Floor During an NBA Basketball Game in Minneapolis
7th April 2022 | Poll tracks rising concern for animal welfare in Canada
26th March 2022 
Animal Welfare in Ukraine's War Zone

21st March 2022 Top 5 Colleges To Study Animal Rights In The USA
22nd February 2022 
| Yes, It's That Carl Icahn Who's Taking a Stand on Animal Welfare
1th February 2022 The Best and Worst Countries for Animal Rights
9th February 2022
| In Serbia, A Toxic Mix Of Nationalism & Animal Rights
Classic ethical dilemma:
—Q: What do we say to a racist animal rights advocate?
—A: Fuck off.
1st January 2022 | Top 10 Animal Law Programs
16th April 2021
U.S. Animal Agriculture Subsidies Soared In 2020 Despite Climate & Health Damage
12th August 2020 | Lawyer Explains How Meat And Dairy Industries Cost U.S Taxpayer $414 Billion A Year
1st August 2020 | National Fish Day: 'Bout It!
—Wanna teach your fish tricks? Sure, they're intelligent. Wanna pet your fish? Do that, too. Thought humans had the highest brain-to-body ratio? Nope. [Just sayin']

19th July 2020 | Big Farma Bad Medicine for Pandemics
14th July 2020 | Karate Kid Chops Leather From New Shoe
11th July 2020 | Trafalgar² Now Murder Red

7th July 2020 | KFC to 3D-Print Chicken: Next, Alexa Lays Egg
24th June 2020 | Another Brainy Beauty Goes W/o Clothes for the Cause

—Why have some pretty women taken career risks for animal suffering; and others, not? Because the former have strength of mind & high character; the others, not.
15th April 2020
| FDA Passes Yeast-Pooped Whey Protein
—Technically, "excreted," but we take our news in the loo, too.

20th March 2020 | Covid Consequence: Vegan Meat Sales Almost Triple
18th March 2020 | 21 Hunting Stands Demolished in Belgium

11th March 2020 | Monkey-Wrenching Animal Lib Activists Take On Swedish Hunters, 'Fuck Shit Up' Along the Way

9th March 2020 | WAP Smacks US for Failure to Protect Nonhumans
—The US gets a "D" overall on Animal Protection Index, with an "F" for legal protection of companion animals.
26th February 2020 | Lamar Would Rather Wear Nothing Than a PETA Ad
—30 cows were killed after a transport truck overturned; PETA wanted to memorialize the departed via highway-side billboard; Lamar said, No.

20th February 2020 | Brits Score Eco-Vegan Milk Delivery
20th February 2020| USDA About Face on Animal Welfare Records
8th February 2020
| Animal Abuse A-Plenty at US Gov Research Facilities

—"Shocking" treatment of nonhumans found throughout NIH labs, thanks to PETA's Freedom of Information requests. Well, hardly shocking: federal animal research is short on oversight, enforcement's lax, & scientists evaluate themselves. Expect accountability?
17th January 2020 | Pigs Cannibalizing @ Farm Bragging Food "Farmed With Care"

17th January 2020 | CFI Exposes Notorious Monkey Lab: Shuts. It. Down.
8th January 2020 | Vegan "Backlash" a Media Fantasy?
Latest poll says 70% of meat-eaters believe vegans are ethical, 73% say their diet is good for the planet, and neither number bespeaks a mass backlash. Now looking like fake news from those who doth protest too much, the following:

1st January 2020 | 700% Leap in Vegan Googles since 2004
10th December 2019 | Behind the Curve, Golden Arches Chasing Rivals w/Vegan Meals

3rd December 2019 | Hilton's Happy Workers Now Stocking Fully Vegan Suite
3rd December 2019 | London Tops Vegan-Eaterie Explosion
—HappyCow's surveys show vegan restaurants skyrocket from 625 in 2009 to 8,100 in 2019. London, Berlin, and New York lead the wave.
13th November 2019 | UK Labour Plots 50-Point Animal Welfare Manifesto
—Highlights include long-term objective to erase animal testing, bar snares & glue traps, and ban fur imports. Also on their agenda: eliminate cages on British farms and write animal sentience into law.
1st November 2019 | Scientists Devise Crash-Test for Human Morality; Find None

2nd October 2019 | TripAdvisor Nixes Tickets for Captive Cetaceans
29th September 2019 | Crazy Queues for Meatless Chicken @ KFC
4th September 2019 | Poll Says 6 of 10 Carnivorous Argentines Ready to Go Rogue.

31st July 2019 | PETA Billboard in Picture-Perfect Position
19th July 2019
| Canadian Teen Publicly Disowns Father for Killing Lion

13th June 2019 | Tyson & Perdue Stare Into Abyss: Plant-Based Products Coming Soon
23rd May 2019 | Beef Behemoth Takes a Knee
6th May 2019 | Beyond Meat IPO Goes Berserk

3rd April 2019 | Amy's Opening Vegan Drive-Thru on Denny's Remains
15th March 2019 | Lone Star MD Free From Lupus, Credits Veggies
5th December 2018 | "Anti-Animal" Aphorisms Are Hate Speech, Says PETA

—Spot on, PETA . . . but can you I.D. the anti-animal slur in your own headline? That's right: the word "animal" is itself the slur-of-all-slurs. AR News recommends, "Änima" as a replacement. Check out this graphic, courtesy Dr. d'Mäkéna and The Mismeasure™ of Animals:
Illustration Taken From Dictionary Revealing "Animal" Is Now a Slur
12th September 2018 | IWC & UN Finally Target Ghost-Gear
—Each year, a billion pounds of fishing gear is dumped into oceans, with results like this and this.
11th July 2018 | Surveys Say 84% to 95% of Pet Owners Consider Them Family
—But legally speaking, pets are merely property. Translation: big gov yet again outta touch w/constituents.
31st May 2018 | Massive Study of 40,000 Farms Reveals Simple Truth: Vegan Diet Likely "Single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet earth."
4th April 2018 | Restaurants Boost Sales & So-Me Exposure By This Simple Trick
—The answer's not by floating clickbait; rather as Forbes reports, removing dead animal from the menu. That act boosted sales 10%-1,000% and social media status 100%-15,000%.
26th September 2017
| Goodall Drops Hammer on FDA: Study to Nicotine-Addict Chimps Quashed
—On the 7th of September, 2017, Saint Jane undressed FDA director, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, in an open letter criticizing a planned study to nicotine-addict young troglodytes. Two weeks later, Gottlieb postponed the study—but denied Goodall had a hand in the FDA's change of heart. Uh-huh.

10th June 2017 | UK's ReportBuyer Finds Vegan Numbers Up 600% in 3 Years
19th January 2017 | Apologies to Humane Society: Cat Villages Better Than Body Bags
—In Turkey, the "massive" population of stray cats & dogs has been solved without ritual murder. Locals build cat- and dog-friendly mini-towns, which are surprisingly popular (see pics) and infinitely more moral than euthanization.

19th July 2016 | Kudos to PETA & AnimaNaturalis For a Breathtaking Protest of Bullfighting in Pamplona
18th May 2015
| Gallup Polls Indicates AR Revolution Will Happen Circa 2033

—Extrapolating from the latest big-poll data, by the early 30's half of America will feel animals deserve the "exact same rights as people."

Gallup Animal Rights Poll
Gallup Animal Rights Data (graphed by ARN Staff)

9th January 2014 | Frustrated ÄRiA's Get Fiesty, Out Vivisectors
—Posters of notorious scientists with apparently awful AR records were on display in Milan, including names, home addresses, & phone numbers.

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