2nd August 2020 | A Million Mink Are Dead
—Refer below to our critique of "cull," add to it this article's Orwellin ipse dixit. A million mink were killed, but no worries: it was in the hands of nameless "authorities"—who eschew credit, but appreciate capitulation. Sadly, not up for review is our species' obedience to authority: too many of us can be asch-affected into compliance merely by compadres, much less lab coats, until white appears black and wrong, right. Hence, this particular mink cull, and all its ilk, must be rewritten as happening to humans and therefore murder one, of many wrongs—making it our right to know who decided, implemented, and executed this, down the last man standing.
—Have you heard the pernicious myth that mink are poor companion animals? Anything with a brain and the body-size to be petted knows love and will respond appropriately, including sharks. (Cages, tho, must go; or be bigger.)
20th July 2020 | COVID "Cull" Continues
—No words quite equate this post-apocalyptic, multi-media distortion of reality. To start, "cull" is an animal-slandering, truth-effacing euphemism for mass murder. The headline's linguistic manipulation prepares us for a morally approved "reduction" in the population, a mere "rejection" of what's "inferior or worthless." This distortion is reinforced by the copy's fact-ablating imagery, which contains no terror, no images of gassed & suffocating masses, and certainly zero humans drinking themselves sick to calm the MRI-apparent brain damage from PTSD, PITS, and plenty other nasty co-morbids of electrocuting innocent creatures for a paycheck. Rather than these truths, we're shown snuggling mink babies & smiling pigs:

30th July 2020 | Vegan Eateries Still Surging
1st June 2020 | If COVID's Armageddon, Who Survives?
—According to a top animal science university, COVID has infected the following farm & companion animals: 6 cats, 4 dogs, a few tigers, and some mink. Similar findings from the CDC here. Surely, there'll be more, but the contrast is shocking. On the flipside, humans are finding themselves overwhelmingly vulnerable to this "multi-system" pathogen, including lasting damage to brain & lungs.
16th April 2020 | Another Plant-Based Product Explode$
29th April 2020
| Wild Creatures Waltz Down Main Street


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