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19th July 2020 | Even Lewis Hamilton's Dog is Vegan

2nd April 2020 | Rihanna Done w/Diamonds, Now Sings for Vegan Leather
31st March 2020 | Popular Aussie Newsman Mocks Vegans, Now Eating Humble Pie
31st March 2020 | Hugo Boss Cuts First Vegan Suit

30th March 2020 | Jack Black Teetering on Vegan
29th February 2020 | Forbes Highlights Rise in Vegan Athletes
28th February 2020 | Serena Spawns Line of Vegan Leather

12th February 2020 | Humble Phoenix Drops Best Speech in History of Academy Awards
5th December 2019 | Rooney Mara Ain't No Prima Donna: Goes Undercover to Expose Animal Abuse
4th November 2019 | Greatest Driver in F1 History Goes Plant-Based, Opens 8 Vegan Restaurants
—Lewis Hamilton went vegan in 2017, now putting pedal-to-metal in the vegan restaurant business
2nd October 2019 | Miley Cyrus Sees Pet Blowfish is Intelligent, Goes Vegan
4th June 2019 | Ultra-ÄRiA Star-Power Stops Traffic For Animal Rights

11th January 2018 | Movement-Vet James Cromwell Lands AR Accolade
17th July 2017 | Venus Now in Vegan Orbit 
15th May 2017 | Soccer Team Boots Meat

15th April 2016 | Another World #1 Beats Meat, Serves up Vegan Restaurant
10th April 2013 | Iron Mike Fights Stereotypes, Goes Vegan

14th April 2016 | Conor McGregor Trash Talks Vegan Opponent, Gets Ass Kicked

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